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On July 30thWorld Day Against Trafficking in Persons, join us for WIRED FOR FREEDOM where you will (i) be part of the Hong Kong launch of FREEDOM COLLABORATIVE – the first anti-slavery, multi-service platform for NGOs, (ii) see firsthand the platforms used by counter trafficking investigators to securely exchange evidence and information, (iii) dialogue with intelligence experts and Liberty Asia’s partners, including Arachnys, a provider of cutting edge technology powering due diligence in emerging markets, and (iv) contribute to a systemic approach to fighting slavery! RSVP at contact@libertyasia.org.

Established in 2011, Liberty Asia is made up of a group of dedicated professionals from different industries who feel strongly that a more effective, coordinated response to slavery is essential and that leveraging technology available to the corporate sector and providing it to the NGO sector will facilitate this response.

Liberty Asia’s goal is to provide new solutions to change the way slavery and trafficking is addressed. Where possible, we will work with existing organisations to avoid duplication and to ensure resources are used efficiently.  

Liberty Asia is a project under Share (Asia Pacific) Limited, a Hong Kong-registered charitable organisation.


Schools worldwide can now incorporate information about modern slavery into their courses by viewing or downloading the online curriculum. An interactive, eye-opening journey that exposes the reality of this global issue, the 5-module curriculum will provide teachers with the tools to empower students to be inspiring advocates against slavery in their schools and communities today.

This report (i) provides a more holistic understanding about the relevant laws and regulations within the Hong Kong framework in relation to international standards, (ii) identifies clear and practical areas that will better protect victims of human trafficking and ensure those complicit in the crime are held accountable to the fullest extent; (iii) outlines a creative approach to disrupting the activities of traffickers using existing anti-money laundering laws; and (iv) provides a deeper understanding of human trafficking as a crime of many crimes hence providing an alternative to focusing on the often elusive perfect human trafficking crime.


Join us in the fight against slavery!


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 Legal Resource Centre 

The Legal Resource Centre aims to provide resources for NGO support providers and legal practitioners working in the area of human trafficking in Hong Kong. The resources include legal instruments, case laws, best practice materials, guidelines as well as recent news and reports relating to human trafficking in Hong Kong and on an international level. An online consultation service also provides practitioners with the opportunity to send requests for assistance tailored to the needs of their respective cases.

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22 June 2015

 The Hong Kong Legal Gap Analysis 

(pdf link Part I)

(pdf link Part II)

by Liberty Asia and Reed Smith Richards Butler


 Anti Slavery Curriculum 





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Schools worldwide can now include information about modern slavery by downloading the online curriculum. The curriculum is an interactive, eye-opening journey that exposes the reality of this global issue.