What is slavery? 


Slavery occurs when a person is tricked, sold or forced into a highly exploitative, work-related situation, with little or no payment, or few options to escape because of fraudulent debt or threats of violence.


Trafficking or slavery? Whats the difference?

Many forms of modern slavery involve human trafficking. ‘Human trafficking’ is commonly used to describe activities in which one person obtains or holds another in forced labour conditions – in other words, slavery. People are transported, sometimes forcibly but usually voluntarily, within their own country or across borders or continents, into situations where they are eventually enslaved. The victims end up performing degrading work under harsh conditions with little opportunity to leave. The outcome of human trafficking is generally a form of slavery. Not all exploitation is considered slavery. While a worker may be in a situation where they are being cheated out of overtime pay, paid less than is owed to them, or made to work excessive hours, if this person is free to leave this situation, this would not constitute a slavery case.